Meet the staff

The staff at 2410 Didcot Air Cadets come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

So we asked them a few questions to help find out who they are and what drives them to be part of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets.

Were you an Air Cadet and if you were which squadron were you at? 

RAFAC Flt Lt Wicks: No I wasn’t an Air Cadet 

RAFAC WO Middlemore: Yes 181 Sqn City of Gloucester

RAFAC Sgt Peacock: Yes 2410 Didcot and 6 months at 966 Wallingford

RAFAC Sgt Herridge: Yes 2267 Brize Norton 

Sgt Walsh: Yes 2376 Bamper Bridge Sqn

Service Instructor Rifleman Goff: Yes 2410 Didcot 

CI Danni Dawson: Yes 2410 Didcot 

CI Phil Webb: Yes 332 High Wycombe

CI Gareth Brine: Yes but can’t remember the Sqn number. It was one on the Wirral

CI Hannah Clarke: Yes 2410 Didcot

How long have you been a staff member in the Air Cadets?

RAFAC Flt Lt Wicks: 18 years as a CI, Sgt then Officer

RAFAC WO Middlemore: 1 year as a CI and 22 years as a Warrant Officer 

RAFAC Sgt Peacock: Since ageing out as a cadet so around 2 years

RAFAC Sgt Herridge: Since I aged out from being a cadet so 6 months

Sgt Walsh: 17 Years

Service Instructor Rifleman Goff: 2 years

CI Danni Dawson: 2 years or so 

CI Phil Webb: 6 years

CI Gareth Brine: Around 4 years 

CI Hannah Clarke: About 4 years

What’s your day job?

RAFAC Flt Lt Wicks: Office Administrator

RAFAC WO Middlemore: General Manager Health and Safety

RAFAC Sgt Peacock: Customer Service Specialist

RAFAC Sgt Herridge: Orthotic Technician 

Sgt Walsh: I fix battlefield helicopters RAF TG1 Engineer

Service Instructor Rifleman Goff: Facilities manager and Army Reservist 

CI Danni Dawson: Student Nurse and Acting Pilot Officer in the RAF Volunteer Reserves  

CI Phil Webb: Workshop Counter Supervisor in the Motor Trade

CI Gareth Brine: Chauffeur 

CI Hannah Clarke: Occupational Therapist 

What are your reasons for being part of the Air Cadets?

RAFAC Flt Lt Wicks: Started helping when my son was an Air Cadet and never left! I also like doing something ro help the youth in my local community.

RAFAC WO Middlemore: To have fun, meet other people and try new things.

RAFAC Sgt Peacock: To give back to the cadets the opportunities I had.

RAFAC Sgt Herridge: Pure banter! Nah helping to give cadets the opportunities I had.

Sgt Walsh: I got a lot from it in my teens, and i want repay that still by helping others.

Service Instructor Rifleman Goff: I joined when i was young to do something exciting, different and military orientated. Now as a staff member I am part of the organisation to offer that life changing experience to a new generation of cadets.

CI Danni Dawson: For new challenges I couldn’t get anywhere else. To push myself in areas my friends would have never done. Mainly to complete my Duke of Edinburgh Award but ended up throwing myself at pretty much everything and loved it all. 

CI Phil Webb: I’ve always been very proud of the Air Cadets and what they stand for. For me it’s great to be a part of an organisation that gives young people the chance to have experiences that most of their age won’t

CI Gareth Brine: Former Military I served in the Army my son is a current cadet, seemed like a good idea at the time.

CI Hannah Clarke: I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a cadet and ultimately i wanted to give back to that by encouraging and facilitating the youth of the future to embrace the opportunities the Air Cadets has to offer.  

What do you think the Royal Air Force Air Cadets can offer in an increasingly digital world?

RAFAC Flt Lt Wicks: An increasingly non digital experience, a sense of adventure, practical skills that will always be useful in civilian or military life. The cadets can inspire confidence and self belief.

RAFAC WO Middlemore: Technology is only ever as good as the operator.

RAFAC Sgt Peacock: Life skills other than just how to use an iPhone, i.e Leadership, communication and confidence.

RAFAC Sgt Herridge: Practical skills that come in to be used in normal everyday life.

Sgt Walsh: My passion is anything outdoors, escape school/work/xbox and experience what you can. The Air Cadets offers opportunities to this horizontally, vertically, wet and dry in the form of adventurous training. Get out and see the world with your eyes not through a screen.

Service Instructor Rifleman Goff: Improved confidence, teamwork and leadership skills. The air cadets can also foster a spirit of adventure through a huge range of sports, aviation and adventure training activities.

CI Danni Dawson: Oh soo much. Virtual reality is becoming increasingly common in military training. Flight Simulation is now more real than ever before. 

CI Phil Webb: Skills such as communicating and being a leader will always be useful in everyday life.

CI Gareth Brine: Challenges, friendship, support, new experiences, guidance, fun and belonging.  

Favourite Film?

RAFAC Flt Lt Wicks: Titanic… not a big film watcher 

RAFAC WO Middlemore: So many to choose but Blues Brothers is in my top 5. 

RAFAC Sgt Peacock: Hot Fuzz

RAFAC Sgt Herridge: Hidden figures 

Sgt Walsh: I am Ironman

Service Instructor Rifleman Goff: Anything made by Marvel

CI Danni Dawson: Top Gun. 

CI Phil Webb: Tricky one but it’s either Empire Strikes Back or Shawshank redemption… i’ll go with Shawshank redemption

CI Gareth Brine: The Usual Suspects or Shrek 1,2 and 3

CI Hannah Clarke: Harry Potter

Chinese or Indian takeaway?

RAFAC Flt Lt Wicks: Indian 

RAFAC WO Middlemore: Both depends on my mood. 

RAFAC Sgt Peacock: Chinese

RAFAC Sgt Herridge: Chinese

Sgt Walsh: Neither Chippy tea for me

Service Instructor Rifleman Goff: Tricky one that…. Chinese 

CI Danni Dawson: Indian 

CI Phil Webb: Indian

CI Gareth Brine: Chinese and Indian… maybe not on the same plate though.

CI Hannah Clarke: Chinese 

Helicopter or Jet? 

RAFAC Flt Lt Wicks: Jet but if Sgt Walsh asks tell him I said helicopter. 

RAFAC WO Middlemore: Helicopter, tree topping at speed over Denmark in a Lynx with the doors open. But I like the Osprey. ( That’s kind of a hybrid ) 

RAFAC Sgt Peacock: Helicopter.

RAFAC Sgt Herridge: Helicopter?? maybe. 

Sgt Walsh: Slightly biased blade slap is cooler than jet noise, if it don’t hover don’t bother! 

Service Instructor Rifleman Goff: Helicopter there is nothing cooler than an AH64 Apache 

CI Danni Dawson: Jet I’ve been in one don’t you know. 

CI Phil Webb: Jet… F-16 to be exact… helicopters operate by witchcraft im sure of it. Although the Chinook is by far the best Helicopter there has ever been. 

CI Gareth Brine: Helicopter the Puma to be more specific.

CI Hannah Clarke: Helicopter the CH-47 Chinook.